This is the time now for removing and dead heading all the summer flowering plants as well as cutting dead plant matter and overgrowth. You want to look at planting your Winter and Spring flowering bulbs before the end of this month.


Use compost and bone meal in the soil mixture when planting, as well as flower bulb food after planting. Good watering is essential at this time to ensure growth and survival until Spring. Remember to change your irrigation start times to later in the morning or earlier in the afternoon as it is better to water during warmer parts of the day to avoid any frost damage.


All thinning out & dividing should also be done now, as this will ensure more room for new growth to take place after Winter. A composting plan should be thought of and applied during the Winter months. It provides the nutrition and soil replenishment required to keep all plants, flowers, shrubs and trees happy. It is a good time to start a compost heap with all the leaves falling, but remember this needs the maintenance of watering, cleaning, fertilizing and layering. Some hard work is involved in the creation of a proper weed-free compost heap that will benefit your garden.


If you have leaves in the flowerbeds acting as mulch, then make sure to check carefully for any weeds and/or tree saplings. Remove all unwanted desirables that may be lurking and hiding in the mulch. Cut the lawn a few more times before it gets really cold and remove all dead thatch from your lawn by trimming a little lower with the lawnmower.


This is an ideal time to plant roses, shrubs and trees as their roots will be well established by Spring. Hedge planting and pruning should also be carried out, making it easier to create the desired shape prior to the growth in the Summer months.


Now is a good time to start planting your Winter herbs and vegetables. Check your local nursery to see what is available for the Winter-Spring months. Planting of Winter annuals such as Primulas or Iceland Poppies will very attractive in your shady flowerbeds, as well make a stunning garden around Spring time.


This is actually a very busy time of the year for the garden and many tasks need to be started now, and continued throughout the Winter months to ensure you have a wonderful garden for the Summer season and all the Summers to follow. The more you put into the garden in the Winter, the more rewards you will reap in Summer when spending leisure time in the garden with family and friends.





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