One of the most over looked aspects when either buying or renting a new property is the surface of the swimming pool. Most people are unaware of how the age and condition of their pool surface can affect many aspects such as, chemical consumption, durability, safety as well as the appeal of a swimming pool.

If you find you are having to deal with any of the problems mentioned above, then it may just be time for a new pool surface. Don’t let this project scare you, we are here to help. We offer a high standard of workmanship and will have your pool looking and feeling brand new for many years!



Chemical Consumption


One may ask, “How would an older pool surface need more chemicals to be maintained properly? Surely the water inside the pool remains the same and requires the same amount of chemicals?” What happens when your surface becomes aged? The surface starts becoming rough and porous, this creates the perfect breeding ground for algae spores. They have microscopic hairs that are able to attach deep within the small surface cracks and indentations. Regular brushing of the walls help, but will not completely remove the algae once the surface is rough. One would need to start using an algaecide on a monthly basis which kills off the algae spores and allows them to be brushed off the walls easier. This will only help for so long and eventually the surface becomes too rough to rid of algae and it will continue to worsen until the pool is resurfaced.




When a swimming pool surface begins to age, smalls cracks may start to appear in the surface or below the mosaics of the pool. At first sign these cracks may only be superficial, but after time they worsen and chunks of the pool surface may come off completely. This usually starts to result in the loss of water through the cracks. A leaking pool can become very difficult to maintain as not only do you need to keep adding fresh water which in turn raises your monthly utilities, but you will also need to add more chemicals to the pool as it will otherwise be diluted from the constant topping up. If you suspect your pool is leaking through cracks then it may be time to resurface.




Another largely overlooked aspect to an old pool surface is the risk of harm or injury while using the pool. With an old rough surface there is a increased risk of injury. It is common for people using an old surface to develop cuts and grazes on their feet and hands when entering or exiting the pool. Unrelated to the surface yet still important to safety is the type of paving used for the edge of the swimming pool. If you still have a brick edging for your pool it should be changed for much safer bullnose copings. A brick edge has the potential to seriously harm someone who may swim into the edge or even when climbing out as it is usually sharp or jagged. We install bullnose copings which have a rounded edge surrounding the perimeter of the pool which prevents someone from getting cut when bumping into or climbing out of the pool.




One of the last but main reasons to resurface your pool is for the appeal it has and potential value it may add to your property. An old, damaged and leaking pool can be very expensive to not only operate, but adds very little value to your property. If you ever plan to sell your house, then you are limiting its potential value with an old pool surface. By resurfacing you are not only making the pool look beautiful and new, but are lowering the running costs too. Nobody wants to have a pool party with an algae infested pool that is potentially harmful to it’s swimmers.



If your pool has any of the above problems, then give us a call and have one of our expert consultants meet on your site and discuss the potential solutions for you and your pool. We offer discounted winter prices from beginning of April until the end of August. We also offer different payment options for those who may need it. Call today and find out more!







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