In todays busy times, spending every weekend working on garden maintenance takes up valuable time and energy.

Yes, working in the garden can be fun and an enjoyable activity done with family, but who wants to mow the lawn, cut the edges & remove weeds every week?

What about having to own & maintain the necessary equipment to do these tasks? Or perhaps you don’t have the means to remove all the refuse created from an ever growing garden.

Why not have some professionals take care of all the hard labour?

We come in once a week and take care of all the tedious donkey work for you so you can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful garden without all the hours of back breaking work to get it there.

Our teams are well trained, experienced gardeners who take care of all your maintenance requirements. We use a wide range of professional equipment from mowers, blowers, brush cutters and chainsaws as well as various pruning and trimming equipment. The teams are regularly supervised and our knowledgeable team leaders will be able to advise on any further improvements to be made to enhance your garden further.

It’s a neat, clean, efficient yet simple solution to all your garden and/or swimming pool requirements.

Why not start out on one of our bundles suited to your garden today! Call to find out more or to schedule a viewing of your garden for maintenance.

Written By: Gary Meyer


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